End of Round Two

Well, I’m a bit disappointed, although I knew it was probably coming. I received a rejection (which agents and editors sometimes call a pass) yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad they actually reply with one or two sentences of feedback, but it’s hard to accept the finality of it.

Yesterday I “was passed over” by Kit Ward of Christina Ward Literary Agency. Kit was one of ten agents and editors I submitted my book proposal to of those I met this summer at the Pacific Northwest Writers Association meeting. She was the last of the bunch to reply. One success of round two over round one is that everyone in round two actually replied. Not so in round one.

I had the pleasure of actually getting to know Kit a little at the meeting. That hardly ever happens, so I was really hoping she’d identify with my work and be excited about having me.

Turns out though, that from that meeting, Kit discovered my wonderful writing friend, Kim Kircher, and Kit has been helping Kim through her book deal for The Next Fifteen Minutes. Kim’s book chronicles how her job as a ski patroller and avalanche expert helped her through her husband’s battle with liver cancer. I’m so excited to read it when it comes out next year. I’ll be following Kim’s journey vicariously and hope you will too through her blog (on my blog roll to the right).

I was first drawn to Kit when I discovered that she also represents author, Karen Fisher, who wrote the novel, A Sudden Country, which my book club read and loved last year. Karen also happens to live in the Pacific Northwest.

So it is sad for me to see this potential opportunity go by. I try not to get my hopes up, but it’s hard not to when you meet people you could actually picture yourself working with.

I’m so very happy for both Kim and Kit, and their publisher, Lynn Price of Behler Publications.

When I look back over the feedback I’ve received from agents and editors during round two, it seems clearer that the voice or content of my sample chapters are where I should focus my future efforts. I feel great to have written 90% of my manuscript now, which is 60% more than I had in October. I’m going to spend however long it takes to polish it before heading into round three. I don’t know how many rounds I have in me, but those who know me would probably say I have excellent stamina. My persistence is what makes my hubby love and hate me at the same time!

But I’m going to make sure to take the advice I’ve heard in many places and try not to rush it. I’ve read and personally know authors who have submitted to and been rejected by more than fifty agents before landing their book deal. I’m only at around eighteen.

I am currently working with a critique group and plan to enter my first writing contest in the new year. When I feel like my manuscript and proposal are significantly improved, head back into the ring for another beating. I’ll be sure to put in my mouth guard and cup.

Here’s the actual gracious e-mail I got from Kit for your voyeuristic reading pleasure:

Dear Lorraine,

A thousand pardons for this tardy response to your proposal for EGG MAMA, which I asked to see at the PNWA conference.  Your story is an extraordinary and touching one, there’s no doubt about that.  But the reading experience here hasn’t compelled me as the idea did originally, I’m afraid.  Given my reservations, I’m going to pass, with regret.  But I hope another reader will see the opportunity here.  (Perhaps you’ve gone ahead without me in any case.)

 It was lovely to meet you at the conference.  I hope our paths will cross again sometime.



Christina Ward


6 responses to “End of Round Two

  1. Lorraine,
    So sorry to hear that Kit “passed”. It is a wonderful story, and one that needs to be told. You can go another round. In fact, I you can go the distance. I recently got a rejection letter in the mail. (After Lynn offered me a contract, I had sent out letters and emails to all the queries out there to tell them the ms was no longer available. I guess this editor didn’t get the memo.) But at any rate, this time I read it with a grin. I would have hated to get another offer and have to explain I had already signed. So that brought the total up to close to 60 rejections for TNFM. You have a long way to go yet, my dear.

  2. Yes a long way. I like the idea of reading a rejection after the deal is signed. 🙂 Thanks for offering to be a beta reader. I’m still a ways out but will let you know when I get there.

  3. I just heard today that Kit has died. She had just moved from Lowell to Hingham MA. and died unexpectedly. Everyone who knew her in Lowell is shocked.

    • Thanks for commenting Steve. I heard yesterday. I’m so shocked myself. A friend talked to her on the phone a couple weeks ago and everything seemed fine. I am feeling for her family today, who are going through this holiday without her. She will be dearly missed.

  4. I met Kit about 10 years ago, and submitted my manuscript to her at her encouragement. She graciously turned me down, but I have always thought highly of her. I have dabbled in fiction writing since, but haven’t committed myself to it the way I should. I was inspired again yesterday after a wonderful phone conversation with an older gentleman (who I have never met, it was through my job), and it made me think of Kit — so I just Googled her. I’m glad I read your blog Lorraine, and the comments, otherwise I never would have known she passed. So sad to hear about her death, she truly was a wonderful and warm person.

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