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Straight Talk about Male Infertility

Check out this interesting, honest radio interview on Creating a Family about whom we talk to about our infertility and from whom we keep it a secret. Talking to parents, family, and friends and not talking can be complicated. According to interviewee and author of Swimming in Circles, Michael Barr, there is a big difference between how we approach, talk about, and cope with male-factor- and female-factor infertility.


Fertility Issues from a Man’s Perspective

Had to share the success of a fellow memoir author, Michael Barr,¬†whose book, Swimming in Circles,¬†comes out this week on Kindle and next week in print. I can’t wait to read it myself. I’ve been following Michael’s blog for several months and his sense of humor is priceless.

Here is the Amazon review to see if its right for you:

“How far would you go to get what you wanted?

Follow the tumultuous and unpredictable path Michael and Kiersten navigate as they painstakingly pursue their options to bring a child into their life, including bewildering science, DNA muddling, and the bureaucratic complexities of international adoption.

Swimming in Circles provides an all-access pass into the private life of a couple faced with situations ranging from the embarrassing to the absurd, and decisions that are impossible one moment and incomprehensible the next. This truly unique memoir is told from the usually neglected male perspective and is filled with gallows humor peppered in between the depths of disappointment and the peaks of possibility.

Author Michael Barr presents every uncomfortable and emotional detail with stark honesty, chronicling his run-ins with an overenthusiastic mother-in-law, a clinically depressed couch, his own personal demons, and even Martha Stewart. His sharp, candid perspective creates a tale that readers are sure to find both hysterical and heartrending.”

Way to go Michael!

A New Way to Increase Fertility?

Saw this over at the blog Swimming In Circles by Michael and had to share. A scientific study has shown that laughter can increase IVF fertility. I’m assuming this is only true for those of us who aren’t deathly afraid of clowns….