A New Opportunity: Music, Arts, and Theater Bellingham Experience Insider Blog

IMG_0096I’m so excited to announce that I’ve began writing the Music, Arts, and Theater Insider Blog for Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism (Bellingham Experience).

I love my town, so writing about the arts here is a dream come true. My first post is about what I love about The Green Frog. Check out why I keep going back over and over.

I’ll be blogging there twice a month so be sure to check there regularly, share, and send your suggestions my way.

Time to Belly Laugh

Stand-Up Glen Nelson Bristow by Sue Mattson

Writer, actor, producer, and comedian Glen Nelson Bristow. Photo by Sue Mattson.

When life feels hard, sometimes the best thing to do is find a way to laugh. That’s why I’ve always loved stand-up comedy. The comedian’s sole purpose is to make you laugh until you cry, or make you see something in a new light that you take for granted every day. That’s why I wrote this article for WhatcomTalk.com about Bellingham’s stand-up venues. Many of my friends are comedians and they work hard on their sets, so I want people to go out and appreciate this unique art form. Check them out, and have a great time while you’re at it.

Outside the Box with North Sound Singles

North Sound Singles Car Racing Helmets by Kim KerrI’m not single, but when I saw a tweet by Bellingham-based North Sound Singles (@NSoundSingles) I had to admit it made me curious. If I’m curious, then a whole lot of my single pals might be as well. That’s why I decided to meet their founder, Kimberly Kerr, and write about their approach to meeting potential partners.

Dating sites and the superficial nature of internet dating wasn’t working for Kerr so she created her own MeetUp.com group, with an old-school approach of just meeting in public places to do active, fun things…and then just seeing what happens. Check out this article I wrote for WhatcomTalk.com to learn more about the group that has now grown to more than 250 members.


Be Powerful by Saving Energy

Energy conservation has always been important to me. It started with dad reminding me to turn off the light when I left the room and then extended gradually to every aspect of my daily life. I wrote last fall about how excited I was to get solar at my home. I also wrote about a movement in Whatcom County to get more solar on other people’s homes and businesses.

Energy Prize Drawing WinnerMy Whatcom County community is taking energy conservation to a whole other level. We’re competing for the Georgetown University Energy Prize of $5 million dollars toward energy-saving improvements in our community. I was excited to do my part to get the word out by writing an article for WhatcomTalk.com. Please do check it out and see what easy things you can do to save energy and help the environment.

Green Options for the End

Green Burial CaissonSome might call me morbid for wanting to think about my funeral well before I’m gone, but I would disagree. I’m just a planner. Organizing those details in advance calms any anxiety I might have had about such a big unknown. I also want to make it as easy as possible for the people I’ll leave behind.

Death is really a part of the life process, even if our society tends to pretend that death is something to ignore until it gets here, and then pay a whole bunch of money to bury chemicals and a fancy box, getting through and over it as quickly and quietly as possible. A lonely process.

When I heard about green burial options and that there was a company in my community specializing in it, I was more than intrigued. It was actually a delight to interview Brian Flowers of Moles Farewell Tributes for my article at WhatcomTalk.com.

Knowing that there are other ways, other options, in-line with my environmental ideals has been a comfort, and made thinking about the end a whole lot less scary.

The Secret to Eternal Youth

Okay, its no real secret. Youth isn’t eternal. Its ephemeral, which means we have to enjoy the hell out of it before its gone. We all know about the diet, exercise, and sleep yada, yada. But one way to make youth last is a little healthy denial. Never underestimate the value of being playful and taking time out from responsibility to relax and have a little fun.

Inner Child Adults by Rachel AndrewsA non-profit local to my area, Inner Child Studio, is helping everyone–adults included–focus on finding ways to play. It was a joy to write an article for WhatcomTalk.com about all they are doing for our community. With their help, we can keep our minds and bodies sharp and happy.

High School Science Rules

I first discovered biology at the age of six in the farm drainage ditch that ran behind my lower Michigan home. That’s when and where I decided I would pursue science. High school science classes convinced me that I was on the right path and solidified my path through college. Although I don’t work in a lab or collect field data these days, environmental science is still a part of my daily life. I live, teach, and write about science as much as I can.

Science Olympiad Team LeadersIt was a joy to interview an intelligent, articulate, confident, resourceful bunch of Sehome High School students for my most recent article for WhatcomTalk.com about their participation in Science Olympiad. My old friend Mark Toney is their student adviser and my good friend Laural Ringler suggested I write about them. Whenever you can, support your local science experiences in any form. It makes a huge difference in their lives that echoes well beyond the event itself.