Music is Living

When its been a hard day or things aren’t going my way, music is the one thing that always lifts me up. It was my favorite subject in elementary school, singing Yellow Bird and Ben with Mrs. Blanchard once a week. As I grew up, life got busy with sports, homework, and then hard work and family. But through it all, there has been a constant sound track. Falling Up Stairs at Shakedown by Aaron Brick ArtographyMusic, like time or space, is another dimension in my life and I wouldn’t know how to define myself without it.

I wrote this article for as a thank you to the places in my town that share the art of music every day. What’s your favorite song? Favorite band? Favorite place to hear it? I’m listening.

Murder Jazz band, Falling Up Stairs, at the Shakedown. Photo by Aaron Brick Artography.

My First Job

Other than a paper route, my first job was at Max’s Bakery in Lapeer, Michigan. I poured coffee for the regulars, sold doughnuts by the dozen, obsessively mopped the floor, and learned how really yummy doughnuts were made.

This week I wrote an article for about my favorite doughnut shop, Rocket Donuts, in my second home town, Bellingham, Washington.

Rocket Donuts Bacon Maple BarsI remember when I worked the afternoon shift, when only a few customers would come by. It was a quiet, catch up time, and I would occasionally get creative and make my own doughnut creations. My favorite was a raised doughnut pumped with two shots of raspberry filling and peanut butter frosting, dipped in chopped peanuts. I also made a Bavarian cream-filled, of course with two shots, with maple frosting and peanuts.

Now of course, I don’t burn enough calories to eat a doughnut every week, so when I do eat one, it has to be great. That alone has made me a bit of a doughnut snob but I have yet to regret the calories spent at Rocket Donuts.

Rediscovering an Old Friend

I recently got to write about an old friend, Mark Turner, and his business, Turner Photographics. We’d been living in the same city, but out of touch for at least ten years. Sitting with him for the interview, I rediscovered all the things that make him an amazing human being. Head over the to The Crossing Guide to check out my article, Mark Turner of Turner Photographics.

Its Not Leprechaun Beer

I recently wrote an article about Bellingham Green Drinks??????????????????????????????? for Its not about little Irish men and their gold coins, but instead about a monthly gathering whose only goal is to provide a platform for people to talk about the environment. Check out the article and find a Green Drinks near you!

Future Tinkers

I recently got to spend a little time with a high school robotics team as they frantically finished building a robot that will compete in the FIRST Robotics Championships.Young Einstein

While watching them, I couldn’t help but see in them the potential future of my own sons, now age 11 and obsessed with making lego stop motion animation films, Minecraft, and 3-D printing.

Writing this article for just made me excited for all the opportunities that lay ahead for them.

The creativity and ingenuity of my little men inspire me every day.

Acting Insane

Some might think my friend and fellow actor, Glen Nelson Bristow, is a little nuts to have a full-time day job, be in stage plays almost year round, while also filmingGlen Nelson Bristow Rocky Horror Picture Show a web series, appearing in multiple short films, and doing stand up comedy sets at up to five venues a week. But he does it, and does it well. Check out my article about this dynamo at

Writing in New Places

Happy New Year!

My 2015 is getting off to a great start. I’m delighted to be writing for a newer web site called It’s a website focused on providing, “…an information source that reflects the community while adding a meaningful advertising platform for local businesses.” I get to write about my friends and their creative endeavors in Whatcom County. My most recent articles are about Ryan Shupe and Jake McNeely.

I’m also contributing to Playbell, a gateway to the Whatcom County Theatre scene, edited by Riley Penaluna. My first article is about my experience as an actor in the Idiom’s 48-Hour Theatre Festival.

???????????????????????????????(L to R) Thomas Beirne, Emily Lester, Daniel Ruiz, and Lorraine Wilde

If you have suggestions on subjects for future articles, or other websites that could use my writing skills, post it here or drop me a message.