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Singing and Dancing in the Heart of the City

I’ve been using my writing to explore my musical side lately. I’m looking forward to checking out the incredible bands I researched for my recent WhatcomTalk.com article about the Downtown Bellingham Parnership‘s urban outdoor Wednesday evening concerts, Downtown Sounds, throughout the month of July.

IMG_3708There’s nothing better than dancing in the street to live local and Pacific Northwest bands as the sun sets over my favorite town in America.

The smell of the food trucks and children dancing with abandon remind me of every August of my school days, dancing barefoot and singing along on the warm pavement of W. Nepessing Street in my home town for Lapeer Days.

My father was the City Parks and Recreation Director and he helped plan and execute the festival for decades. And for a time, my sister worked for the Chamber of Commerce and helped organize the event well after my father retired. I snapped this photo of the bike I decorated and rode in the parade in my early teens. My dad’s work truck in the background was well-recognized in our town. Its possibly the only photo I have connected to that downtown street festival.

That history calls me to the free public events like Downtown Sounds that draw our communities together and mark our summers with steadfast memories. I’ll look forward to it right here at home for decades to come.