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It’s Snowing in Whatcom County!

sledding-sky-duryee-mt-bakerI know, so what, right? But in the greater Puget Sound area of Washington State, we only get a few days of snow a year, if any, so its a big deal to us.

No one knows how to drive in it, schools and businesses close, its like you’re a kid again with an extra day off school. I choose to embrace the snow day.

I wrote an article about sledding in Whatcom County  for WhatcomTalk.com last season and it still applies so I’ll share it again now.

Don’t forget to take your snow day sometime soon.

Blasting Through the Snow

I’m excited to take advantage of the snow this season, especially since last year was lacklustIMG_3836er in the Pacific Northwest as ski seasons go. This year, we’ve been sledding and snow shoeing and the weather report promises more snow in the mountains into the spring. It was great fun to do research for my sledding article at WhatcomTalk.com.

Thank you to all my friends and family for help identifying the best spots to fly down a hill around Whatcom County.