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Write Away

I submitted a revised humorous personal essay this morning to Brain, Child about how the cell phone has changed mommy culture in the United States. It’s a great magazine and I’d be honored to appear there.

I also got a standard rejection letter from The Sun Magazine on my scorpion sting story this week. I’ll plan to revise it and submit it elsewhere, perhaps Outside Magazine or Women’s Adventure Magazine.

I’m really jazzed this week because one of my writing buddies from Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association Conference, Kim Kircher, was offered contracts from both an agent and an editor in the last few days for her memoir, The Next Fifteen Minutes. She writes about how her exciting life as a ski patroller, EMT, and avalanche explosives expert helped her cope with her husband’s devastating liver cancer and transplant. She’s worked hard and I’m so excited for her as she takes this wilde 🙂 new ride. You can follow her blog (listed in my blogroll to the right) for details and updates. Way to go Kim!

I’m really enjoying my experience with Christina Katz Dream Team, an on-line and monthly conference call acocuntability group. We set and share our goals, and then check in on Facebook and the phone to see how we’ve done. Its and excellent motivator. It helped me reach and surpass my goals for last month. Very exciting.

Tomorrow, I’ll be checking out a weekly critique group to see if its right for me. I know I could benefit from some feedback on my work! Wish me luck.

Tell us what you did this week that got your closer to your goals, or what you’ve got in store for next week that will push you over the hump.

Thanks for reading,

Lorraine Wilde