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Feeling Blessed

Well, it’s only 1:45 PM and I’ve already hit my 2000-word-per-day goal. Today was actually 2339!

And it’s making me feel incredibly blessed. Blessed that I have the time in the schedule to do the writing, blessed that I get to be a stay-at-home, work-at-home instead of trucking to an office every day, and blessed that I have so many great things to write about. Indeed, the subject of my memoir is the many blessings I have as the mom of twins and Egg Mama to another set of twins.

Sometimes I feel so blessed I forget to think about the other millions of women who suffer each day, each month, with infertility. I just read a very thoughtful blog by Jay Bronte, where she struggles with how to stay positive about her infertility¬†when her second opinion reveals a uternine polyp missed by her first physician. You can read her poignant post, It’s the Great Infertile Charlie Brown!,¬†here.

Wishing you all bountiful blessings and massive word counts.

Lorraine Wilde