Life is Full

In addition to managing social media for my writing and acting forays, in the past few months I’ve begun to help others as well.

My favorite local soul/funk/R & B/pop band, Baby Cakes invited me to apply my skills to help elevate their existing stellar social media presence. If you haven’t already discovered them, there are so many ways to find them. On Facebook we’re in the middle of a series of posts I created called, “We want you to get to know your Baby Cakes, one member at at time.” Baby Cakes is great because each of the musicians and vocalists are interesting, talented human beings, both on the stage and off. I am honored and thankful to have joined the Baby Cakes family. We’re also expanding their presence on Twitter @BabyCakesband and Snapchat as BabyCakesband. Instagram and a new web site will follow shortly.


Photo by Kenneth Kearney.

I’ve also been helping Bellingham Film become a consistent and educational presence on Facebook and have supported their campaign to claim and build #Bellinghamfilm. Bellingham Film strives to bring together the local film community to increase the number of film-related living wage jobs and paid work in our area.


I’m delighted to help these groups connect with their audience and look forward to more in 2016.

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