My First Job

Other than a paper route, my first job was at Max’s Bakery in Lapeer, Michigan. I poured coffee for the regulars, sold doughnuts by the dozen, obsessively mopped the floor, and learned how really yummy doughnuts were made.

This week I wrote an article for about my favorite doughnut shop, Rocket Donuts, in my second home town, Bellingham, Washington.

Rocket Donuts Bacon Maple BarsI remember when I worked the afternoon shift, when only a few customers would come by. It was a quiet, catch up time, and I would occasionally get creative and make my own doughnut creations. My favorite was a raised doughnut pumped with two shots of raspberry filling and peanut butter frosting, dipped in chopped peanuts. I also made a Bavarian cream-filled, of course with two shots, with maple frosting and peanuts.

Now of course, I don’t burn enough calories to eat a doughnut every week, so when I do eat one, it has to be great. That alone has made me a bit of a doughnut snob but I have yet to regret the calories spent at Rocket Donuts.

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