Invasive Carp in the Great Lakes?

Of the many environmental issues we have to consider, invasive species get my attention.

The U.S. Supreme court just failed to take action on a suit requesting measures that would keep invasive Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes water system.

When it’s time to scrutinize a potential Supreme Court appointment, the media and politicians focus on a hotbed of issues like abortion, immigration, and capital punishment. But maybe we need to look more closely at the environmental record of future potential appointees.

I worked in environmental restoration for many years and the downside of that field is when you realize that what you’re working on was pretty avoidable, if we’d only known more, thought first, and/or worked together better.

Spending money and time now to prevent the invasion of such a huge and intricately connected water system would be far less than the effort we’ll expend responding to the invasion over the next 30+ years.

If I’m going to remain the eternal optimist that I am, all I can say is watch for an uptick of environmental job openings in the Midwest over the next 20 years. Maybe we can retrain those unemployed auto workers into carp fisherman? I better finish up here so I can work on the proposal for my new carp cook book?

4 responses to “Invasive Carp in the Great Lakes?

  1. In Canadianized Latin I would say “Carpe Carp, eh?” Or translated: “Seize the Carp, eh?”. If anything… the Canadians should be allowed International pressure on the US on this. I grew up in Michigan and can’t believe the Supreme Court would roll over on this one. There is no going back on this once the carp hit the Great Lakes. A sad day indeed. Thanks Lorraine for covering this. Very frustrating.

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