Now This is How to Do a Book Tour

In this ever-changing world of publishing, with self-publishing, e-readers, and on-line purchasing rising astronomically, we also hear this: “How can an author tell if a book tour sells books?”

Despite Amazon ratings and on-line review scores, it’s very hard to tell how many books have actually been sold. One friend had read that a person must hear about a book three times before they buy it. Everything I read and hear says that an author doesn’t know how many books they’ve sold until the check arrives in the mail from their agent.

My friend Kim Kircher is in the middle of her first book tour, selling her memoir about how her life as a ski patroller, EMT, and explosives specialist helped her through her husband’s liver cancer and transplant, The Next Fifteen Minutes. Kim is wisely doing readings at ski resorts all over the country, with a few ski shops and other venues thrown in. Her recent blog post seems to be saying that she’s accepted the not knowing and is thankful to ski at each of the beautiful mountains to which she’s schlepping her books.

Another friend, Royce Buckingham, just returned from a reading of his Demonkeeper series of middle grade fantasy books in Napa, CA. I hope he soaked up a little extra sun for all of us pasty Pacific Northwesters.

So while the verdict is still out about whether book tours still sell books, my friends are making the most of it by going to places they enjoy and sharing their love for the written word with whomever is there to listen.

Please check out their books and tell anyone you know that might be interested. Maybe book tours do sell books, just not in the direct way we were thinking.


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