Get a Jump Start on Your Goals for 2012

Now that the holiday rush is over, like me, you’re probably making decisions about what you’d like to improve in 2012. Whether you choose to use that dirty word “resolution” or not, most of us have things we’d like to change. I’d like to make more structured time to write. I want to say no to obligation more often so I can spend more time with the friends and hobbies I already have. Most of all, I’d like to incorporate healthier diet and exercise so I’ll be around for my potential grandkids (and look better naked).

This summer I met Pacific Northwest author, and fellow mom of twins, Anita Boser. Her book, Relieve Stiffness and Feel Young Again with Undulation, seems like a perfect way to get started because it’s designed for busy people. It contains 52 exercises, one for each week of the year, that you can do for just ten minutes a day. I’ve never liked New Year’s resolutions because I tend to bite off more than I can chew and then I give up. But ten minutes a day seems very reasonable.

For you technology lovers, her book has also evolved into a computer program called Undulation Break. The user is prompted to take short exercise breaks from their computer (perfect for us writers). It offers 22 exercises and 20 additional tips to avoid and reduce physical and visual strain when at a computer. It can be programmed with your unique user preferences: how often to take a break, what exercises to use on each break, and what music to play while stretching and shaking. It’s available now for PCs, with a Mac version available in early 2012.

Her video demonstrates how it works.

The exercises are designed to ease tension in the hands, shoulders, neck, spine, and hips and are based on orthopedic and ophthalmologic specialists’ recommended frequency of breaks.

Anita is offering five-day free trials of Undulation Break on her Web site. Please support a fellow local author and check it out if you think it will help you get closer to your goals for 2012. And I love comments, so let me know what you think.

Happy New Year!


One response to “Get a Jump Start on Your Goals for 2012

  1. Thanks Lorraine. I’ll check it out.

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