Beauty of Venezia (Venice!) From Our Windows

I had such a great vacation in Italy that I thought I’d share it here.

I don’t have any pictures of the interior of the third-floor apartment we rented in Venice, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that it was pretty amazing. It was located near the corner of Sestier de Canaregio and Parochia del SS. Apostoli in the Fondamente Nove Neighborhood. From our bedroom window, we could see the island of Murano, the island where most glassblowing in Venice was relocated to in order to avoid uncontrollable fires. Murano is in the distance on the left in the photo below of my first Venetian sunrise below. I had trouble sleeping the first couple of days because of the excitement and the nine-hour time difference. I shared the purple room with the lovely Jenny from Seattle.

The 360 view out the rest of our windows was overwhelming. All of us spent a lot of time in the morning just leaning out the windows, breathing in the moist salt air, and soaking up the sites.

Outside our bathroom window was a quiet marina.

On the edge of the marina was a beautiful building that reflected the morning sunrise in the windows. I geeked out and took too many pictures of this building every morning. The trees in the photo below were common in Italy and this photo in particular reminds me of a Monet painting.

Also out our bedroom window was this interesting building. I loved waking up to the silhouettes of the statues. I’m assuming it’s a chiesa or church, although I never actually walked over to check it out. Just in front of it, I could hear children playing at the nearby school.

Out another bedroom window was a more classic view of Venice, with brick buildings in mustard, terra-cotta, and pink. We were told that the choice of colors of buildings was restricted in Venice, but with this beauty, I can’t imagine anyone would mind. The building on the right shows clearly the effects of aqua alta or high water that occurs periodically in Venice. Occasional storms with sustained high winds cause the water levels to rise for periods of hours to several days, causing damage to the stucco and brick exteriors

of most buildings. Venice is a city in constant repair.

With views like these, it’s a wonder we ever left our room. But of course we had many memorable adventures wandering through the unforgettable Venezia. Tomorrow I’ll share some more photos and a story or two of my favorite city in our trip.

2 responses to “Beauty of Venezia (Venice!) From Our Windows

  1. Hello, I enjoyed your photos of Venice. It looks like you found a wonderful place to stay.

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