I’m Off to Italy!

Today is my last post for a couple weeks…unless I find an internet cafe in Italy that I can’t resist.

This past week I read an interview in Entertainment Weekly with Neil Patrick Harris. He said, “I feel like it’s important to have three lives. Your professional life, you personal life, and your private life….You need to be as forthcoming about your personal lie as you can be, because if people are intrigued by you, then they’ll want to know more about you….I’m in the Howard Stern camp of full disclosure. He doesn’t talk about how he had sex with his wife that night, but he talks about having sex with his wife….You want to be able to have some transparency with people who are watching you tell stories.”

I always struggle where that line lies. What is private? What is professional? And with blogging, what is personal?

The longer I write here, the more personal information seems to come out.

I’m headed off to Italy tomorrow morning, with a friend from high school, leaving the kids and hubby at home. I can tell already that they’ll be fine without me. I could barely get them to hold still long enough last night to sit through my last round of snuggles.

I’ll be gone for two whole weeks, touring through Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre, and Rome. When I’m with my high school friends, a different side of me appears, a side that hides in my role as get-it-all-done wife and mommy. When I’m away, I’m my most irreverant, sassy, and even politically incorrect, and I am so looking forward to that freedom.

I can’t promise I’ll post while on vacation, but if I do, I’ll do it here first. I hope that the next two weeks are as productive, relaxing, and educational as mine will be. Don’t forget to make time for yourself. If you don’t, no one else will.



One response to “I’m Off to Italy!

  1. Embrace it Lorraine. Sounds like a wonderful trip. But I won’t be surprised if at some point you sneak into an internet cafe and write a few lines here. Hope you’ll give us all (or maybe not ALL) the fun details when you return.

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