“The Next 15 Minutes” is Almost Here!

As you know, I love to blog about other writers and their journey toward publication.

A good friend of mine from Seattle, Kim Kircher, has an exciting memoir coming out Oct. 1, called The Next 15 Minutes (Behler Publications). I’ve enjoyed living vicariously through her writing success and am so excited to see this book on the shelves and glowing back at me on my friend’s Kindles.

Kim is an EMT, Ski Patroller, and Avalanche Control Technician (the person who actually carries the bombs around) at Crystal Mountain. She writes about how she was able to use her work experience to survive her husband’s liver cancer and subsequent transplant. Her husband John, now thankfully about four years post-transplant, is well-known in the ski industry. His family opened and still operates many ski areas across the country, including Crystal and Boyne Mountain in my home state of Michigan. Kim also happens to be diabetic and trains avalanche dogs in her spare time (for all my dog loving friends). She’s a truly amazing person.

I’ve been following Kim’s blog that covers everything from ski bumming, weather, and travel to family, relationships, and writing since it began. I usually come away feeling inspired and educated, no matter what the topic.

I can’t wait for January when my book club will be discussing her memoir. Kim has graciously offered to attend or Skype with us!

I was also grateful to have Kim by my side when we presented our workshop this summer at the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference. 

If you want to be inspired by personal strength and heroism, or you’re just excited by an insider’s view of the international ski world, check out her blog and book. The memoir will be in stores Oct. 1, but you can get a ~$5 discount by pre-ordering now on Amazon

Please tell all your ski friends, anyone struggling with a cancer diagnosis in their family, or anyone drawn to real-life adventure because they will find it all here.

And most importantly, let me know what you think!

2 responses to ““The Next 15 Minutes” is Almost Here!

  1. Thank you Lorraine! I should have hired you as my publicist (although mine is doing great). You write awesome copy! I look forward to the day I get to promote your book.

  2. Happy to help promote your awesome book. It was fun to be on the playground after school yesterday and have 3 people tell me how excited they are to read your book. Better tell Lynn to ready the second printing!

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