To the Conference I Will Go!

I’m frantically packing for my third trip to the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association Conference, this year in Bellevue, WA. While I’m there I won’t have a minute to rest.

On Thursday evening, I’ll be presenting a workshop with the incredible Kim Kircher, author of the forthcoming memoir, The Next Fifteen Minutes (Behler Publications, Oct. 2011). Our workshop, Promoting Your Book When You’re an Introvert, focuses on helping introverted writers get over their fear of public speaking and gives them several on-line resources so they’ll be ready to pitch their book idea to an agent or promote their published book. I’m looking forward to the improv games we’ll play as part of the workshop. Please stop by if you’ll be at the conference.

On Friday and Saturday I’ll attend workshops, get new headshot photos, pitch Egg Mama to agents, moderate a couple sessions, and volunteer at the Agent Appointments and Book Doctor table. Whew, I guess I’ll get my money’s worth!

After that, I’ll need a week of naps. I hope your writing summer is as productive as you’d like (and maybe less busy).

5 responses to “To the Conference I Will Go!

  1. We deserve a high-five! Good luck today on your pitching. I know you’re going to nail it.

  2. I told Kim, I really wanted to attend your workshop. However, my pop fic classmates wanted to go to dinner and the only time we could get reservations was during your workshop. 😦

    It was nice meeting you. Best wishes to you!

  3. Definitely a big high five!

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