Writing Contests

If you remember, this winter I entered my first writing contest, the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association Contest. I was dissappointed yesterday when I received the news that I was not a finalist in the contest, which was one of my goals, but another goal was to get feedback from the judges. My scores were high, which makes me think I had some strong competition, and the feedback was very positive. It makes me feel good to know that there are some very specific, minor aspects of my work that can be tweeked, and now I have additional direction on how to hone the work.

The critiques that we received along with our scores included some positive comments. One reviewer gave me a 10/10 for narration. His/her comment was “loved the narrator,” and I received highest scores in mechanics, facts, dailogue, and setting. Perhaps next year I’ll try again with work in another category, or I’ll try another contest, as there are many.

Criticism can feel like rejection if we let it, but instead, I’m going to use it like a checklist on how to make the work better than ever.

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