A Second Response!

I heard from another assistant to an agent last night that was willing to look at some of my work, Claire Dunnington at Vicky Bijur Literary Agency in New York City.

Ms. Bijur doesn’t seem to have a company web site, but she has lots of experience. She began her agency in 1988 after working as a managing editor at Oxford University Press. According to her profile at Publishers Marketplace she’s represented several Best Selling and award winning authors. She was also¬†president of the Association of Author’s Representatives many years ago. She also made my list because she’s interested in representing science journalists as well.

I’m excited for the opportunity to send them my work.

Here’s the response I got yesterday:

Dear Ms. Wilde,

Thank you for your query. Why don’t you send the first two chapters of your manuscript to this email address, pasted as text in the body of the email?


Claire Dunnington
Vicky Bijur Literary Agency

Wish me luck!

One response to “A Second Response!

  1. That’s excellent news!! Congrats. I hope she loves it.

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