Infertility Treatment Success Rising

Last week marked the 30th anniversary of the birth of the first American test tube baby, Elizabeth Carr Comeau. Thinking about anything that happened 30 years ago makes me feel old, but on the scale of medical advances, it was only seconds ago.

One Seattle fertility specialist  made a prediction on this momentous anniversary, that IVF success rates will soon increase to 80% among women 40 and under. They were as low as 30 -40% only ten years ago.

With such high success rates, one would expect the occurrance of children born from donated eggs and sperm to become more and more mainstream. That means I better hurry up and get my book published before the “extraordinary” part of my life becomes mainstream.

Taking this to the next level, higher success rates could mean couples might spend less to concieve. Will this reduce demand on fertility specialists? Cause physicians to raise their prices?

What do you think the implications of higher success rates means for our society?

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