Today Could Be the Day

I recently watched an interview with Wendelin Van Draanen that gave me the kick in the pants I needed. Although I’ve been working on my memoir and entered a literary contest, I have not submitted any articles, queries, or proposals since December. Wendelin’s interview talks about “Hope in the Mail”, which to her means that if you keep submitting regularly, every day could be the day your project will be selected. Wendelin wrote  and submitted more than five novels over a ten-year period before finding her agent and launching a successful young adult Sammy Keyes Mysteries. Wendelin is yet another example of how perseverance pays off in publishing.

Its time to submit my non-fiction book proposal (or a query) to another round of agents. Now I just need to decide which ten to send it to. I also have two or three articles already written that I can revise and submit. Time to make things happen! I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

If you have a project that’s been sitting a little too long, share it here so we can cheer you on too!


3 responses to “Today Could Be the Day

  1. I agree my dear! Time to get cracking. Wishing you good vibes and positive thoughts.

  2. Submitted an article today to several regional parenting publications. Yeh!

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