Not Bad

I’m feeling pretty good today. I’ve officially completed 21,203 words of the 50,000 I need to complete by the end of the month. Fantastic. I’m 7800+ words ahead of schedule. Let’s just hope I don’t hit any walls in the next three weeks.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten a little feedback on articles I sent out last month.

My parenting article, Weapon Worry, about the dilemma of whether or not to allow toy guns in your home was picked up by a couple of parenting publications in the midwest (hopefully coming out in December). But last week I got a message from the editor at Georgia Family Magazine. I’ll let you read the feedback yourself below, but it seems that I need to figure out how to add more “meat” to the article for some regions where guns in schools are a much bigger issue than in my school district.


Hi Lorraine:

Is it enough that toy guns be brightly colored? At least 54 Bibb County school students and 28 Houston County students were disciplined during the past two years for bringing a real or toy gun into their schools. Both these counties are among the counties served by Georgia Family Magazine. We need an article on the subject, but we need one that has considerably more meat.

Thank you for your consideration.




In my defense, my article didn’t just suggest that guns be brightly colored. It also suggested that each family come up with a routine plan to make sure toys guns don’t end up in school back packs, as well as provided links to parenting guides and childrens books about gun safety. But I feel flattered that she took the time to reply at all and see this feedback as positive. It seems to say that if I could figure out how to beef it up for their region, she might give it a look. I just haven’t decided if I’ll do that or not. At least not until NaNoWriMo is over.  The article took me three weeks to finish because I was so torn up about the subject matter. I’m not sure how long it would take me to make it even better.

I also heard back today from Women’s Adventure Magazine after waiting only about a month. Again, I’m flattered to hear back at all since that’s not always the case. But I was really hoping to hear that they wanted my piece right away. This isn’t exactly a rejection, but definitely not a sure thing. I’ll definitely figure out where else I can send my scorpion story.

Here’s the e-mail and thanks for reading!


Hi Lorraine,

Thanks for the story. I’m not sure I’m able to use it in print, but it’s most appropriate for our summer issue, so I’m going to file it away and take another look as that time approaches. If I’m not able to use it in print, or we decide against it for some other reasons, I think it’s a funr ead and would consider using it online… but I’ll check back with you beforehand either way. Thanks again and have a great day.

-Kristy Holland

2 responses to “Not Bad

  1. Lorraine,
    Congrats on the NaNo mojo. Holy cow, girl. You are a machine. Thanks for posting the letters from these editors. Is the first one a rejection or a request for a rewrite? If it’s the latter, I would reply quickly and ask her/him to clarify what constitutes more meat. Perhaps you could look into some of those instances of disciplinary action against students bringing toy guns on those counties. Does the editor want more stats? What do the manufacturers of toy guns think about all of this? It would be interesting if one of them had made a statement coming out against bringing their products to schools. Or you could try to contact someone from a toy company and quote them in the article.
    As for Kristy Holland’s response, I would count that one as positive. In fact, when I queried her, I got much the same response. When the time came for me to requery, she beat me to it, asking me to send her a feature length article. If nothing else, it sounds like she’d like to use your article online, which is fab.
    Keep it up Lorraine. You are on a roll.

  2. Thanks for the great suggestions on the toy gun article. I wasn’t sure what to make of it but these are all good leads. I also interpreted the e-mail as a suggestion for improvement and I could resubmit, but I think I’ll wait until after NaNoWriMo is done to tackle it.
    Today I asked Kristy if I could send her an e-mail reminder for her to look at my article for summer and she thought that was a great idea, so I’ll send that out in February. Fingers crossed.

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