Feeling Blessed

Well, it’s only 1:45 PM and I’ve already hit my 2000-word-per-day goal. Today was actually 2339!

And it’s making me feel incredibly blessed. Blessed that I have the time in the schedule to do the writing, blessed that I get to be a stay-at-home, work-at-home instead of trucking to an office every day, and blessed that I have so many great things to write about. Indeed, the subject of my memoir is the many blessings I have as the mom of twins and Egg Mama to another set of twins.

Sometimes I feel so blessed I forget to think about the other millions of women who suffer each day, each month, with infertility. I just read a very thoughtful blog by Jay Bronte, where she struggles with how to stay positive about her infertility when her second opinion reveals a uternine polyp missed by her first physician. You can read her poignant post, It’s the Great Infertile Charlie Brown!, here.

Wishing you all bountiful blessings and massive word counts.

Lorraine Wilde

3 responses to “Feeling Blessed

  1. Lorraine,
    Wonderful news. Take this high and run with it girl.

  2. I just say this…. thank you so much for the mention. That was very generous of you. Much appreciation and hope you’re still writing!!

  3. Jay, Definitely still at it. Thanks for your comment, and for sharing your own story.

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