Rolling with Rejection

Well, I heard back from an agent this past week. Carolyn Swayze got back to me quickly to say that she had mixed feelings about my project and that she was going to pass. I wish she had more time to tell me what I can improve. But I’m thankful for the reply, nonetheless.

I’ve been having success in other areas. I recently heard back on a submission to Mothering Magazine. If all goes well, I’ll have a 300-word piece in the Nov./Dec. issue about mercury in compact fluorescent light bulbs. This will be my first national magazine and paid gig as a writer (if you don’t count all the scientific technical wirting I did for more than 10 years :)).

I also have an article about youth improv in this month’s Entertainment News NW. Check out page 44!

Fall is looking up. The kids are in school and I’m finding more time to write. I hope you are also planning for a productive and prosperous fall.

Lorraine Wilde


One response to “Rolling with Rejection

  1. Wow Lorraine. Congratulations on all the freelance work. That’s awesome. I’ve been trying to do more of that too, and I’m super impressed by how quickly who’ve been able to make that happen. Way to go!

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