Taking Smaller Bites

Well, I survived a busy week last week and actually did everything I said I was going to do. Success!

I learned something about myself last week, or rather, confirmed something I already knew. I often choose the hard way, instead of the easy way.

The kayaking trip was the most recent example.  My friend who invited me drove a car onto the ferry and paddled 15 minutes to the island where we were staying. I chose to leave my car behind (something I often like to do—cars, blech!) and paddle around the island. I thought it would be a 3 hour paddle, but with the wind and tides it turned out to be 5 hours. Then I had to turn around and do it back the next day. By the time I reached Friday Harbor from Posey on Sunday, I felt like a pile of ground beef. I had blisters and rashes, sore muscles, swelling, and headaches. I still had a great time, but wondered if I would have had just as much fun if I’d taken the easy way.

Sometimes I think I need to prove something to myself, that I can do something big. But while I was paddling during the third hour, I was realizing that I would have still been proud of myself if I was already there. So the lesson I still need to learn is finding balance: a balance between embracing adventure and knowing my own limitations.

I wrote the rough draft of the scorpion sting story. Now I’m going to polish it up and then let it settle for a few days before submitting it to the Sun Magazine. I love The Sun because they publish really interesting quirky stories. Wish me luck!

This week was my first in Christina Katz’ Dream Team accountability group. We checked in and set our goals for the next 4 months. My goal is to write and submit at least 12 articles before the end of December, that comes out to about one article every 10 days. When I put it in writing and say it out loud, it sounds like I’m biting off more than I can chew, but  I’m hoping that the task won’t seem so daunting when the boys are back in school 6 hours a day and 5 days a week. I have plenty of articles ideas, the trick will be figuring out quickly where to submit them. Of course, I’m being strategic. All the articles will be on a subject that will also appear in the book, so in this process, I’ll be writing portions of the book chapters. I’ll be posting here the subjects of those articles and where I’m submitting them, so check back regularly.

I did add a page to my web site with links to other writing friends sites, so check those out. My latest addition is Carolyn Jorgensen. She’s writing a memoir and blogging about her very large and talented Mormon family. Very intriguing, check it out. I did send out my book proposal to eight more agents last week. I heard back from Carolyn Swayze, but only that she’s looking forward to reading it, and that she does remember me, despite meeting over a hundred people at the writer’s conference. That feels good but the waiting game would kill me if I wasn’t too busy to worry about it.

Find some adventure this week, but take a bite of reasonable size.

Lorraine Wilde


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