Mercury Anyone?

One of my most recent articles was accepted for publication today. Next month, the Whatcom Watch will publish Will New Fluorescent Light Bulb Mercury Warnings Be Enough?.

I’m excited about this article because it’s my first on a lot of fronts. It takes a position on an issue, it’s my first in the last year that might truly be considered science writing, and thus far, it has the greatest chance of getting picked up by a national magazine. I’m pretty proud of the article too because I did some in depth research and interviewed both a prominent physician and a Federal Trade Commission lawyer. I already consider it a success no matter where it’s published.

I’m making progress on revisions to my book proposal for the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association Conference next week. I sat down yesterday to write a new chapter about infertility and ended up writing a completely different one about how Mike and I first met. I decided to just follow the urge and it paid off. I love the new chapter and am trying not to worry about the one I didn’t write. I’ll get to it eventually. There are so many stories to tell.

I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful time of year. Between gardening and outdoor activities with the kids, I’m finding that I have to schedule time to write or the whole summer will just fly by.

Have a prosperous week and thanks for reading.

Lorraine Wilde


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