Wow, the kids have been out of school for only about 12 days and I’m exhausted. It’s tough finding time to write when the kids are home with me 24/7. Why not get a sitter? Because I’m still a struggling writer, just like in the movies, not earning anything but pats on the back and congratulations for the latest articles that I’m publishing.

But I’m really enjoying myself and it seems that the minute I finish a project, another idea falls in my lap.

I am now officially a regular contributor at Neighborhood-Kids.com, with a new article coming out next week tentatively titled, Summer Youth Improv Channels Creativity, Builds Confidence, and one a couple weeks ago called, Teach Water Conservation with a Rain Barrel. Next week, my article, Become a Freelance Writer, should appear in Twin-o-Gram, the newsletter of the National Association of Mother’s of Twins Clubs. Unfortunately, I can’t link to that article because the publication is for member’s only.

I’m currently trying to sell an article in several locations about potential exposure to mercury from broken compact fluorescent light bulbs. The article is very timely because the Federal Trade Commission just announced that packaging on these bulbs will change next year to include mercury safety warnings. I’m hoping this will be my first national magazine publication. Cross your fingers for me.

I’m also flying through a memoir called I’m Down by Mishna Wolff. So far, it’s a casual but funny look at one girls very unusual upbringing as a white girl in an all black neighborhood in South Seattle in the 80’s. It’s particularly interesting because at the beginning of the book she admits that she’s writing from memory, at times as a 6 year old. So obviously the details had to be filled in and she didn’t have all the information. Maybe I’ll have to include some kind of disclaimer at the beginning of my memoir that explains that my brain, especially my memory, has turned to mush since I had kids? I definitely recommend this book thus far for a quick, light read.

All I have planned for the next month is to prepare for the PNWA writers conference in July and to enter the Passion Project contest at She Writes. That should be plenty. The contest was just announced. You have to submit a cover letter and 2000 word excerpt of your non-fiction book. A panel of judges selects just one person as the recipient of help with a book proposal and find an agent or publisher. One of the judges is a woman I met last year at PNWA, the one that I blogged about here, who gave me some great feedback and took the time to send a thorough reply, Brooke Warner of Seal Press. It’s a long shot, but as far as I can tell, it costs nothing to apply. Yeh!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the sunny days.

Lorraine Wilde


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