Success & Zippy

Great news is that I’ve been having my work accepted for local publication. Two articles about Bike Month and Bike to Work and School Day came out in the last couple weeks in the Whatcom Watch and I have another coming out next month in the newsletter, Twin-o-gram, of the National Association of Mother’s of Twins Clubs.

I just heard from that they print another of my articles about staying connected to your partner despite the chaos of raising a family. Will let you know when that comes out. They said that when I’ve published three articles with them, I’ll be listed on the contributers page of the web site. Nice little goal to work toward, especially now that I’ve published two articles there!

I also just finished reading another memoir, this one for my book club, called A Girl Named Zippy: Growing Up Small in Mooreland, Indiana by Haven Kimmel. I was really torn about this memoir. There were parts I really liked, and parts I didn’t. This memoir was praised for capturing the voice of a child and sticking with it, which was done well, but as I read I kept wanting a little more detail and analysis, such as what age was the character. At times it was hard to tell if she was 6 or 12, which to makes a big difference in the story. So I was distracted by the not knowing. It was harder to picture her in the story in my mind when I didn’t know that information.

I also wanted more of an overarching plot. As I read the book, for the first third I kept waiting for something especially exciting to happen, something that would last or drive the narrative througout the rest of the book, more like fiction, but it just wasn’t there. This was more like a collection of short stories and anecdotes.

I did really enjoy her thorough descriptions of her middle-america quirky family and neighbors. At times her parents reminded me of my own and there were cultural references. I had the same monkey doll she described as her favorite, making me want to send her a photo of me at age 5 with mine.

I was drawn to keep reading it, but while I read it I thought of a few things that I want to do better in my memoir. Of course I aspire to write as well and be as widely read as she has been.

Thanks for reading. Will let you know which memoir I’ll be taking up next!

Lorraine Wilde


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