On a daily basis, new situations and opportunities arise that paralyze me with fear. We’re all afraid of change on some level, right? But I have to pat myself on the back a little because I have been pretty brave lately.






Here are some examples:

 ·         I’ve been saying no more often and being more honest with my friends.

 ·         I started a blog to talk about a book I haven’t yet written or sold.

 ·         I took my first writing class and stuck with it every week, even when it was hard.

 ·         I’m submitting articles to magazines, rejections be damned.

 ·         I accepted that it was time to end the car share.

 ·         I lived without a kitchen for more than three weeks!

 ·         I took improv classes and have performed in front of a 100-person audience. 










Where did this bravery come from? I’ve had a lot of encouragement from others. Those little complements from friends, my husband, and others who care have given me the confidence to take the leap even when I’m scared. I’m also trying to be kinder to myself and am allowing others to see some of my imperfections.




Taking classes from Christina Katz and following her Prosperous Writer blog have been a great inspiration. I’m very excited to submit my work for publication and start expanding my writing résumé. The improv mantra directly relates to my approach to writing, “I suck and I love to fail!” If I keep that attitude, I’m sure to succeed. 




Thanks for reading. 




Lorraine Wilde


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