Moving Forward

I’ve had some tough decisions and lots of small accomplishments over the last couple of weeks.


I had a heart to heart with a friend even though I’ve been avoiding it for months.


I decided to end a project I’ve worked on for more than four years so that I will have more time to work on my writing and family. 


I signed up and started an on-line writing class, Christina Katz’ Writing and Publishing the Short Stuff, that will help me learn more about how to get in print and hopefully earn a little cash along the way.


I submitted a 1,100 word personal essay for an anthology about parenting kids with special needs due out in early 2011, Bless Your Heart. Wish me luck!


Aside from weekly writing assignments, this month I’ll rework the Bless Your Heart essay into a shorter article for submission to Skirt! Magazine’s June issue, themed Destinations in Life.


As part of this week’s writing class assignment, Christina asked what jobs I’ve held and what they’ve taught me that I might share with others. Here’s my answer:


I’ve held many jobs: donut shop clerk, laboratory assistant, quality control specialist, vocational trainer, house painter, environmental consultant and scientific technical writer, laboratory and stockroom manager, mommy, college science instructor, and director of a non-profit organization.


I’ve learned a lot about human nature, the world, and myself in each job, primarily from the mistakes I’ve made. The lessons learned are endless. Here a few off the top of my head.

·         Be present.

·         Walk in others shoes before you pass judgment.

·         Learn to recognize your instincts and then listen to them.

·         Don’t wait too long to act.

·         Surround yourself with talented, reliable coworkers.

·         Don’t be afraid to leave a job you don’t love, because they forget you quickly when you’re gone.

·         You need to appreciate and value your own contributions because you might never feel gratitude or approval from your superiors.

·         You are not your job.  

I’m headed off to enjoy an Oscar party and Thai food with my sister-in-law, who also happens to be a writer. Your challenge: have more fun than me this week.


Thanks for reading.


Lorraine Wilde


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