Well, I’m expecting to hear something pretty soon from the other three proposals I sent out at the end of September. I feel like I’m bracing, despite my awesome horoscope that says that the end of this month is supposed to be great for my career.

I saw this in Entertainment Weekly last week:

“Nearly 60 agents turned down Kathryn Stockett’s debut novel before publisher Amy Einhorn picked it up in 2007. “Those rejections lit a fire under my rear end,” says Stockett. In February, The Help,….now has 789,000 copies in print. Its steady word-of-mouth sales have kept it on the New York Times best-seller list longer than any other hardcover novel this year.”

This keeps me hopeful and optimistic. I’ve only been rejected twice so far. Only 58 more to go!

I’m almost finished with David Sedaris book Holidays on Ice. Will have a memoir-based review in my next blog.

Thanks for reading.

Lorraine Wilde


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