Good Horoscope and Submitted an Article

My friend Katrina sent me a link to my horoscope. November sounds like it will be a great month for Aquarians. Here’s my favorite part of the horoscope:

“You may alternatively learn to write and even get published, or your work may be talked about on television – this is a very exciting trend! In the coming period of intellectual vibrancy, you may delve into philosophy, politics, or religion and become very stimulated by what you are exposed to, and may even enjoy debating others. “

There was also mention of coming into some money later in the month. Can’t wait!!

I also wrote a short article last week and submitted it to a local newsletter for parents of children with developmental disabilities, entitled “Entering Kindergarten with the Special Ed. Label”. The article will be incorporated into a chapter of the book. Please let me know if you know of any regional or national publications that might be appropriate for this subject.



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