It Takes a Village


Well, I’ve been busy since my last post. I’ve been learning a lot from my friends and family. Thanks to you, I had 160 hits on my blog on the first day! I’ve set up a Facebook Fan page (PLEASE become a fan o’ mine! Search Lorraine Wilde), posted my web site under ‘Member Web Sites’ at the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Web site, and had a family photo shoot with a fantastic and efficient photographer named Brooke Gatterman of Roxsey Photography. Check out some of her photos on my photos page.

I found Brooke through one of my very creative friends Nadine. Long time pal and mentor Laural Ringler offered to see if she could pull together a couple friends for a writing group. While renting out our spare room, I accidentally met a local lawyer and novelist, Lori Bryant, willing to read my stuff and join a writing group with me. My amazing friend Angela Seguel, a writer mama and editor herself, has been reading my book chapters and has making amazing book shaping suggestions. If you need to hire an editor, I highly recommend Angela and the multitalented Ginger Oppenheimer, who is equally well known for her photography. 

My wonderful cousin-in-law (yes, that’s what I said), Tracy Bech, who cofounded a web development company Locus Interactive, was kind enough to send me instructions on how to get in on the media of the moment, Twitter. Apparently, you don’t have to have a fancy phone to start tweeting. You can also do it from your home computer. Her instructions were so well written, I asked if I could share them with you!

Here you go!

 Twitter –– 140 character micro-blogging

1.       Sign up  (as yourself or pick a name – keep it short – that has to do w/ your brand product)

2.       Search for people to follow (I’m @tracybech). To get started, try looking for friends, fellow authors, people you met at the workshop.

3.       Notice the “trending topics” in Twitter.

4.       Download Tweetdeck  – this is a great way to keep an eye on what is being said on Twitter – and it works on a iPhone / ipod touch , if you have one.

         a.       In Tweetdeck, use the “search” (magnifying glass) and search for terms related to you / your writing (ie, egg donor, publishing tips, etc). This will keep these searches as feeds for as long as you want them, so you can keep an eye on the conversation.

         b.      Try other phrases that you are interested in;

         c.       Use twitter for research –  if you are looking for a source or an answer to something, or looking for an opinion, use the twitter search, or tweet “@” someone who you consider an expert and ask them to “retweet” (“RT”) it. There is a world of Twitter lingo – you can brush up on it here:

5.       As far as what to tweet goes –

          a.       Tricia Duryee always tweets really interesting posts – she sends out a catchy little headline and a link to the blog.

          b.      Retweet things that other people tweet, that you like

          c.       Use hashtags (ie, #bellingham) if you are going to tweet about multiple subjects in your feed, so it’s easy for people to find that topic.

6.       Post your Twitter address on your website and in your email signature so people can easily follow you. If you are speaking for an audience, include it in your first powerpoint slide so people can twitter gems of wisdom that you say, as you say them.

Mike says I should make sure to let you know that I wrote this entire blog with a five year old boy clinging to me like a snuggling baby chimpanzee.

Thank you to the village that has been helping me get this book published. Its certainly becoming its own force of nature.

I hope you found something useful here. Keep checking back.  



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